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Personal Training

The Right Program For You
Whether your goal is weight loss, strength training, endurance or just living a healthy lifestyle your personal training sessions are customized for you! After an initial complementary assessment, we will determine the best approach for your new training program. Tracking your progress is key and will be done regularly to help further customize and adapt your program as your goals evolve.
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Boot Camps

Time for a collective butt kicking

Who wants to sweat!?! With the use of free weights and whole body weight exercises we will spend an hour pushing ourselves to the limits. Applying a combination of strength and conditioning circuits and drills we will work the whole body in an hour session.



Body & Mind

Through breath work and the asanas (postures) we will move through sequence after sequence, working up a sweat, while creating endurance and strength through the entire body mindfully.




Sweat, sweat & a little Namaste!
Great music is a must in Spin-Asana class! Every class is choreographed to specific music for both the Spin and Yoga portions. The first 30 min will be a high intensity Spin class including upper body work and the use of free weights. The second portion will be a short Power Vinyasa (Flow) to keep the heart rate up a little longer while incorporating some lengthening for the lower body post Spin session. Then we finish off with a little core work and a much needed Savasana!

Balanced - Fun - Hard Work

Live Laugh Sweat offers a tailored approach to person training and group fitness. A one of kind exercise experience for women and men of all ages who are looking for a new approach to health and fitness. We will combine strength & conditioning with Yoga & Pilates methods to create a balance workout program that will challenge both the mind and the body in every session.
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